In the Know: Current Exhibitions

If you’re anything like us, winter time is not exactly your most active season. It’s easy to shut yourself indoors when outside is below zero. However, you can combat those grey skies by adding a bit of extra color to your life. There are plenty of artistic opportunities here in Prague, but here are our top picks for ongoing and new exhibitions. Be sure to tag @artofprague and let us know what you think! We love featuring fellow art enthusiasts on our Instagram and social media channels.


Art and cafes have gone hand in hand for a long time. Cafes became meeting spots for artist groups (for e.g. Surrealists) or as places to display art. Therefore, it seems natural for them to join forces and deliver quality cultural opportunities. Exhibitions in cafes are a great solution for winter laziness when you are craving some art but also coziness and a hot drink (Hygge, anyone?).

1. Eva Fajcikova – Secret Garden

What: Eva Fajcikova’s recent exhibition entitled Secret Garden depicts the mysteries of our world as an elegant and delightfully eccentric masquerade ball.
If you would like to know more about Eva Fajcikova’s art, check our interview with the artist: link
When: Till 24th of April (might be prolonged)
Where: Bella Vida cafe (organized in collaboration with Dudes&Barbies Gallery)

2. Ozlem Akin – Punnatural History

What: Her cabinet of curiosities will bring a joyful smile to your face. Then when you look to her painted canvases, you’ll feel like you are looking in a mirror. What does that mean exactly? Well, you’ll just have to see for yourself.
When: Till 22nd Mar 2020
Where: Kavárna co hledá jméno (organized in collaboration with Dudes&Barbies Gallery)


1. Michaël Borremans – The Duck – Rudolfinum Gallery

What: Michaël Borremans’ exhibition “The Duck” brings to mind old Dutch masters that have been given a touch of surrealism. His paintings and video installations present strong psychological and slightly unsettling aspects. Thanks to that, the artist leaves us a lot of freedom for interpretation.
When: Till 12th Apr 2020
Where: Rudolfinum Gallery
Other details: The exhibition is admission free. That’s one of the things we really appreciate at Art of Prague. We are always happy when art is accessible for everyone!


1. Guided Tour of František Bílek’s Studio

What: František Bílek was one of the most important representatives of Czech symbolism. He began studying painting but then discovered that he is partially color-blind. That’s why he decided to pursue sculpture. The symbolism in his works is closely related to spiritual poems of Otokar Březina.
The event organized by Prague City Gallery takes place in Villa Bílek – a house designed by the Czech sculptor himself. The interior design is also based on Bílek’s ideas. What makes the building special is its symbolism. Every element is an expression of an artist’s spirituality.
When: 9th Feb 2020, 2 pm.
Where: Villa Bílek
Other details: The tour is only offered in Czech, so might not be suitable for expats and Prague visitors. However, if you want to practice your Czech while admiring Bílek’s sculptures and beautiful interiors, this is the event for you!


1. Milota Havrankova – View from a Window / Freedom in Oppression

What: Milota Havrankova is one of the first Czechoslovak photographers with a university education – she studied at  Prague’s FAMU in the 60s. Her works are highly experimental with her wide usage of analog photography processes. The exhibition in Leica is focused on Havrankova’s works from a period when her style started to be more defined (60s and 70s).
When: Till 15th Mar 2020
Where: Leica Gallery Prague

2. Natália Trejbalová – And Then We Cut the Ground from Under

What: Fans of conspiracy theories and artificial intelligence can rejoice! In this long-term project, Natália Trejbalová presents her perspective on the speculative fiction of the future and questions whether our understanding of reality is possible to accurately record. Though she works primarily in Milan and Bratislava, her works are available to see here in Prague daily until the end of February.
When: Till 23rd Feb 2020
Where: Galerie 35M2

3. Martin Stranka – “Breath” (“Dechem”)

What: After 14 years of exhibitions abroad, Martin Stranka is making a return visit to Czech Republic to present his art photography exhibition “Breath” (“Dechem” in Czech). This is the only exhibition to receive the patronage of the World Photography Organization.
When: 3rd March 2020 – 31st
Where: Mánes
Other Details: The artist himself aims to be at the exhibition in person each day to describe his inspirations and motivations behind his work.

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