Bloom or extinct?

visual art Prague, Johana Střížková, Koncept0, Life is Ours

What is blooming? You’re probably thinking about flowers in spring of maybe self-development. Unless, you are a scientist and you thought about Oscar T. Bloom. 

Mr. Bloom is actually part of the topic here thanks to the exhibition BLOOM 260, TYP A – URČENÁ PRO VÝŽIVU LIDÍ by Johana Střížková organized by Life Is Ours Gallery and Koncept0 in collaboration with Art of Prague. 

Still sounds mysterious, right? Look up at the visual of the exhibition. We were also wondering what is this blue thing. Similar to ice but not really. So maybe coloured glass, some gems or minerals? Still no. And here is Mr. Bloom’s part – in 1925 he developed and patented a method of measuring the strength of gelatin. Yes, that’s the material Johana used in her photographs!

However, the main topic of the exhibition is not gelatin itself but zero-waste philosophy. That’s rather controversial choice of medium to talk about this topic. Considering the source of collagen needed to produce this material, here come two fronts – the reduction of animal products consumption vs. not waisting any part of the animal. But, it seems like the artist is not trying to label gelatin as any of these categories. 

Instead, she’s giving us a whole set of dilemmas. Maybe her works are sort of the reincarnation of the animals’ remains? In that case, “Bloom” would have a double meaning. But how blooming, linked to new life, can be related to death? Some people might consider it as the only way to survive or follow the circle of life: using everything what nature gives us as the solution to avoid extinction. Or maybe it’s time to reduce consumption of certain products in order to not extinct but bloom? 

If you are curious about Johana Střížková’s take on all these questions, come to Koncept0 this Friday (11th of October) for the opening. The event is combined with birthday of Koncept0 so you will have a chance to try their delicious vegetarian tapas and, of course, the cake. 

The exhibition by Johana Střížková is open till 21st of November in Koncept0. 


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