6 exhibitions to see during International Museum Day 19′

We should never forget the importance of public art. Museums are not only ‘shelters’ for art – they are also buildings dedicated to people. International Museum Day, happening on 18th of May, is one of my favorite events making art more accessible. If you are wondering what to see, check our selection of exhibitions.

1. Salm Modern #1: Dimensions of Dialogue

Andy Warhol – Portraits, photo by Art of Prague

This exhibition has been already recommended by Art of Prague. You can see our photos from the opening here. Dimensions of Dialogue is organised in collaboration with the Staatliche Kunstsammlungen Dresden and presents impressive collection of modern art. You will be able to see artworks by Andy Warhol, Marina Abramović, Keith Haring, Jean-Michel Basquiat, Antony Gormley, Hans Bellmer and many more.

Where?: National Gallery, Salm Palace

2. 400 ASA: Photographs

@National Gallery Prague

The 400 ASA exhibition includes photos by Karel Cudlín, Jan Dobrovský, Alžběta Jungrová, Antonín Kratochvíl, Jan Mihaliček, Tomki Němec, and Martin Wágner. The connection between these photographers is realism. Group’s focus is also the connection between contemporary and traditional documentary photography.

Where?: National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace

3. 1918–1938: First Czechoslovak Republic

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Still life compositions by František Matoušek, photo by Art of Prague

This permanent exhibition presents art from Czechoslovakia between 1918 and 1938 and was created on the occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the founding of Czechoslovakia. The exhibition focuses not only on art created during First Republic but also its important cultural events and culture centers.
All fans of surrealists will love this collections thanks to Toyen or Jindřich Štyrský. However, if you like impressionism, post-impressionism or cubism more, you will be satisfied as well – within this exhibition National Gallery shows also their French collection (by Claude Monet, Paul Gauguin, Henri Rousseau, Pablo Picasso, Vincent van Gogh)

Where?: National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace

4. 1930–Present: Czech Modern Art

František Muzika – In memoriam II., @National Gallery Prague

The collection’s focus is Czech art produced after 1930 including artistic movements from 60s up to the present: Art Informel, Action Art, New Sensitivity and postmodern art. You will be able to see works by František Muzika, Josef Šíma, Jindřich Štyrský, Toyen, Zdeněk Sklenář, Jan Kotík or Václav Bartovský.

Where?: National Gallery, Trade Fair Palace

5. Carnations and Velvet / Art and Revolution in Portugal and Czechoslovakia 1968–1974–1989

Július Koller – Anti-obraz (Mnoho otazníků), @Prague City Gallery

Prague City Gallery presents exhibition concentrated on surprising similarities, parallels and paradoxes of historically important events in Portugal and Czechoslovakia. These changes had impact also on visual arts. The collection shows works of Czechoslovak and Portuguese legendary personalities of art but also artists from younger generations.

Where?: Prague City Gallery, Municipal Library of Prague

6. Jiří Hanke: Photographs 1973–2018

Jiří Hanke – part of the series People from Podprůhon, @Prague City Gallery

If you are into documentary photography you should definitely see this exhibition. Jiří Hanke’s photos are socially focused often inspired by his native town of Kladno. You will be able to see series of portraits of parents and children or photographs showing the lifestyle of a vanishing working-class of Kladno.

Where?: Prague City Gallery, House of Photography

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